The Daily Create

Daily Create Task – ‘Begin to face a fear today!’ (19/04/15)

So this task officially marks the end of Daily Creating in DS106! 😦 I thought I’d photo (2)finish the Daily Creates section by selecting the task of today, which is ‘Begin to Face a Fear Today’. Essentially, you were asked to sketch an image of something that scares you. I was going to sketch bananas and wasps, but I decided to sketch something that could also probably help me this month? I’ve sketched a calender of how much work I have to do this month, and this, scares me.

I would also like to finish this unit by saying how much I have enjoyed the Daily Create. I see myself as quite a creative person, so I’ve had some real fun completing the variety of different tasks the DC set. The main thing I like about the Daily Create is that you can literally do one anywhere and at any time. And there is a task for every situation; if you’re in a rush and only have about 10 minutes to spare, you could create a quick sketch task. Or if you have more time on your hands, you can select a task that you can devote some time to and really exhibit your creativity. It really raises the point that youcan complete a DC a day. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t create one everyday, which is unfortunate, but I did create at least two a week and I’m really pleased with some of the creative ideas that I generated and illustrated in the tasks.

Daily Create Task – ‘Flaws in the Urban Landscape’ (08/04/15)

I’ve found that I’m struggling to create at least 5 Daily Create tasks a week, Cultureand I definitely feel this has to change. SO, today marks the beginning of creating a Daily Create task, EVERYDAY from now. Therefore, today I am sharing two photos that I believe represent the concept of this housetoday’s task. A couple of years ago, I visited the country Montenegro, and was totally blown away by the beautiful amount of urban decay surrounding me. I brought my camera around with me everyday of the trip, and captured so many different photographs of deteriorating buildings that were engorged with rotting nature. I used a lot of the photos that I captured for my Photography project, however to this day it still saddens me that I have never used them for anything else since. So I’m pleased to include these two photos to represent the Daily Create task.

Daily Create Task – ‘Pet Montaaju Time’ (06/04/15)

Thought I’d be international with Daily Create today and join the Cat MontageDaily Create Cat Craze. Plus, I take any opportunity to include my cat in things! Therefore, I used my Cat for this image and used Photoshop to give her some funky glasses.


Daily Create Task – ‘Junk Mail Art’ (18/03/15)

junk mail artSo I thought instead of grabbing some junk written mail, I’d give you a lookinto all the useless junk emails I receive EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I decided to do a little doodling on top of them. In addition, if anyone can advise me on how to stop receiving so much junk email, please contact below.








Daily Create Task – ‘You’re weird and wonderful DS106 letterhead’ (14/12/14)

I’m trying to stick with completing at least  5 Daily Create tasks a week, and ds letterheaddifferent from the previous create, I decided to have DC randomly pick a task for me to do today. It was a photography based task, where I had to create a ‘letterhead’ just for DS106 use. I decided to not use the suggested help website ‘letterheady’ and see what I could come up with on my own. I like what I came up with and I used ‘Photoshop’ to create the letterhead. I think it fits in well with the theme of DS106, as I included WordArt images of a computer and an open book, in addition to carefully selecting font in which I believe reflects a quirky style, which fits in well with idea of DS106.

Daily Create Task – ‘Silk Weaving’ (12/12/14)

I haven’t produced a Daily Create in a while, so I decided to click on the page silkand, instead of choosing a creative task that I felt like doing, I set myself the task of creating whatever Daily Create project appeared first. It happened to be one that was fairly easy and straightforward, that of which was ‘silk weaving’. This task didn’t really require a lot of effort, but simply introduced me to a new software of design, and allowed me to play around with different shapes of lines and colours.



Daily Create Task – ‘A Trip down Memory Lane’ (10/12/14)

If you haven’t already guessed from my previous posts, I’m a little Christmas obsessed, so I thought this task today would be well fitting with my obsession. The task was called ‘A trip down memory lane’ and required me to produce a picture of one of my christmas daychildhood favourite occasions. Therefore, I produced a picture of what I consider myself, and what the Christmas season was like for me. I think this image perfectly describes how I was as a child around Christmas time; I would sleep with all my toys cuddled around me, after carefully laying out milk and cookies for Santa. Then, at night I would take ages to fall asleep; wondering if he had made his trip to my house yet. Then, in the morning, I’d go downstairs to find loads of presents under our tree – and then spend most of the day playing with them. If you also haven’t noticed by now, I enjoy applying a real ‘sketchy’/vintage theme to most of the artistic Daily Create tasks, so I used Paint to achieve this look.


Daily Create Task – ‘Make your favourite snack your muse’ (03/12/14)

I decided to be spontaneous again and go with the Daily Create task of the correct day. Today’s task was to create a movie trailer for for ‘this soon-to-be blockbuster’ for your favourite food. I haven’t quite made the trailer yet, and I’m still debating whether I’m going to produce a short animated trailer, or simply stick with just this poster advertisement for my film ‘Cupcake Apocalypse’. Here’s what I came up with…
cupcake apocolypse

Daily Create Task – ‘I feel like a…’ (01/12/14)

I haven’t produced a Daily Create for a while, so I decided to pick one at random. I’m in a kind of doodling mood today, so I decided to choose task ‘tdc1001’ as it basically entails a 2 minute doodling session of how you’re feeling. I looked at what others had posted in search for a little bit of inspiration, and many said they felt ‘tired’ or ‘lazy’ etc. Instead of doodling what I feel like, I decided to doodle how I feel. I came up with this…
daily create 2
A little childish perhaps? Well, I spent ages thinking about deep and meaningful feelings I have inside me, but then thought, hold on, this task didn’t have to consist of exploring your inner feelings and look ‘deep into your soul’ and so on. It’s simply a 2 minute doodling task! So I simply sat there and thought…how am I feeling right now? I just so happened to be looking at my flat’s Christmas tree, and there it was; I feel christmassy! So I decided to draw a 2 minute doodle on Paint to express my Christmas cheer.

Daily Create Task – Illustrate a Randomly Generated Sentence (29/11/14)

I’m embarking upon Unit 2 of the DS106 course and I thought I’d change my approach to the Daily Create – just to mix it up a little bit! I decided to pick a task at random today, instead of my usual linear ‘stick to the right day’ approach. I chose to go with the task of ‘illustrate a randomly generated sentence’, which to my surprise, was actually quite challenging! The sentences served up by the generator are definitely random and are quite difficult to illustrate without resorting to either abstractness or surrealism.

So the sentence that was generated for me was ‘Around a model prosecutes any imperfect weasel.’ Initially, I struggled with this, because this sentence made more or less no sense whatsoever to me. Before long, after a little while brainstorming, this is what I came up with…

On reflection, I do like the outcome of this Daily Create, although if I could go back and edit it, I would probably tweak a few things. I probably would’ve daily create unit 2made the text on the models body a little more subtle, but hey, once you click save and exit on ‘paint’ there’s no turning back.
Essentially, I found a picture of a model and used it as the fundamental aspect of the piece. When I read this sentence a few times over, I came up with the idea that maybe the noun ‘weasel’ could be the ‘paparazzi’ of a model’s life – in that you can’t really trust them because they are reprimanded for their lack of staying true to the facts. And to convey this, I used a photo of a camera and repeated it to represent the never-ending amount of paparazzi.
When all these aspects were put together in the ‘paint’ document, it had a rather indie/vintage poster kind of look to it. With maybe a bit more tweaking and professionalism added to it, I could potentially see it as some sort of poster/advert for raising awareness of the disadvantages that come with fame?


Daily Create Task 1 – Emoji for Everyone (17/11/14) 

Today’s Daily Create task was to create 5 of your own personalised emoji’s reflecting the expressions: ‘kiss’, ‘wink’, ‘smile’, ‘love’ and ’embarrassed’. Before I begin, please can I apologise for my misspelling of the word ’embarrassed’ on my photo.
I thought this was a good ‘on-the-go’ Daily Create task as I logged into DS106 on my phone, quickly sketched out my emoji’s, and then uploaded the finished piece. Therefore, it didn’t really give me much time to think, which I like as I’m put on the spot, and I like to see whatphoto (8) spur of the moment things I can come up with!  So here are my 5 emoji’s. Essentially, I wanted to make them personal to me, so I decided that my emoji character would be me, or, something that looks relatively like me. So I created a blonde haired character, and drew what facial expressions I pull when I am feeling these 5 emotions. I also used an equitable amount of inspiration from the emoji application itself. Take the ‘kiss face’ emoji for example; I liked the little kiss emojiheart next to his mouth so I applied the same thing to my emoji, only giving myself proper lips and eyelashes to make it look more like a girl. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the Daily Create section of the DS106 course, as I feel that it enables us to engage ourselves with our creative and artistic side, as opposed to solely focusing on the theory side of social media. Nevertheless, I do feel the Daily Create does touch greatly on the theme of social media, as we share our Daily Creates on various social media platforms such as Flickr, Soundcloud and Twitter, which in effect, helps us to exert influence on other people’s work, in addition to finding inspiration from others ourselves.

Daily Create Task 2 – A 3.30 SketchQuote for Amy (22/11/14)

I really enjoyed creating today’s Daily Create task as it gave me the opportunity to re-engage with my artistic side. I studied Art A-level, which now, was nearly 3 years ago – and I regretfully, haven’t really continued with it since. So I thoroughly liked being able to release my inner artistic senses in a inspirational piece regarding ‘Art’. Here is what I came up with…

art is
ssentially, I researched and found some inspirational quotes regarding the subject matter ‘Art’; picked my favourite one; and then thought about how I could present it, in addition to what medium I would use to present it on. Following this, I then decided that I didn’t want to spend a vast amount of time on this small task, so I thought paint would be the easiest and quickest software to use. I then thought it might be quite creative to use different fonts and decorate them further in Paint. I used the website ‘’ to select some fonts that I thought would reflect the style I was going for. My intended style was to create a vintage-kind of look – because for me personally, it was the style I directly thought of when I read the quote. I am pleased with the outcome of this Daily Create as I was able to create quite an appeasing ‘poster’ (of some sort) through using minimal artistic tools.


Daily Create task 3 – Caption an Unsplash Photo (24/11/14)

So the daily create task today is to ‘caption an Unsplash Photo’. Essentially, the task is to pick one of the domain photos provided, and caption it with some DS106 ‘words of wisdom’. I think my approach to the daily create tasks is to simply just respond to the daily create task that is set on the day I happen to want to do one! I think it encourages me to exhibit more of my spontaneous and creative side without thinking or planning to much about what I’m going to create. I was quite pleased with today’s daily create task as I feel that, even though the photos are not mine; I can personalise one through finding a quote that relates to me and make a comparative art piece.
Here is my response to today’s daily create task. Firstly, I chose this photo from the domain stream as above all, dandelions are one of my favourite flowers and secondly – I feel that nature coheres very closely with inspiration, and you need inspiration to create ideas and stand out in the DS106 course. Just to support my point further, I’m going to use Leonardo Da Vinci as an example. Nature played a significant attribute in influencing his decisions to study anatomy because he was immensely curious and wanted to know how nature worked.  It was through this that he made many discoveries, for instance he saw a similarity in the way the water would move in a stream as it did in the veins, and so on.
I also feel that nature lies closely with art. Take the mimesis theory for example;  art mimics nature. Humans are inspired from the outside from what they sense and they copy it albeit it may be transmuted or recombined. And one thing I have learned so far in unit 1, is that art lies very closely with media, and that we also do use the inspiration of things around us; possibly recycle ideas to create our own work. So I believe this to be an effective daily create response as I wanted to combine nature with art, and then combine the two with the DS106 course. Hope you all like it!

Daily create


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