Daily Create Task : Begin to Face a Fear Today! (19/04/15)

So this task officially marks the end of Daily Creating in DS106! 😦 I thought I’d photo (2)finish the Daily Creates section by selecting the task of today, which is ‘Begin to Face a Fear Today’. Essentially, you were asked to sketch an image of something that scares you. I was going to sketch bananas and wasps, but I decided to sketch something that could also probably help me this month? I’ve sketched a calender of how much work I have to do this month, and this, scares me.

I would also like to finish this unit by saying how much I have enjoyed the Daily Create. I see myself as quite a creative person, so I’ve had some real fun completing the variety of different tasks the DC set. The main thing I like about the Daily Create is that you can literally do one anywhere and at any time. And there is a task for every situation; if you’re in a rush and only have about 10 minutes to spare, you could create a quick sketch task. Or if you have more time on your hands, you can select a task that you can devote some time to and really exhibit your creativity. It really raises the point that you can complete a DC a day. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t create one everyday, which is unfortunate, but I did create at least two a week and I’m really pleased with some of the creative ideas that I generated and illustrated in the tasks.


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