Unit 6 : Ira Glass on ‘The secret of success in creative work’

To commence this unit, I watched a short video clip ‘Ira Glass on the secret of success in creative work’. This was a good video to begin this unit with, as it gave me a general outline of what design in storytelling is. This video involved kinetic typography, so that essentially, the narration, sound and motion combined to express ideas in the form of animation. This made me think about a film that I had previously studied, which was in fact the first noted film to have involved kinetic typography; Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’. It’s fascinating to see how far this technique dates back to. It then really got me thinking about the effects of kinetic typography within storytelling. I can see how this technique links in with it as the text almost flows with the tone/expression of the narrators voice which in effect, evokes empathy.


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