Unit 5 Summary

This unit has definitely been my preferred one out of the whole of DS106 so far. It artdefinitely challenged me, as I noticed that this unit was the most time consuming out of the 5 units; especially due to the assignment bank. Nonetheless, because I thoroughly enjoyed each task of unit 5, it didn’t feel so time consuming to me. Art is something I have always had a huge interest for, so it was really enjoyable being able to produce pieces that reflect my passion. In addition, I have always had an extensive interest for photojournalism, so even tasks such as ‘stories behind photos’ was really relishing. Considering that this unit was by far the most time consuming, I didn’t find myself struggling as much as I did in the previous units. In fact, I believe I completed this unit very promptly, and I feel the reason for this is due to how much I enjoyed the unit.

Presently within DS106, I feel I am really engaging with the concept of digital storytelling. I’m starting to realise how effective digital storytelling is in society today. It brings me back to the notion of ‘making is connecting’ and I truly believe that DS106 conforms to this as all aspects of each unit comprise of digital media work that allow everyday people to share aspects of their life stories. I’m excited to see what unit 6 entails.

Within the following units I hope to take the same approach I did with unit 5. I’m realising if I embark on each unit with a positive and open mind, rather than a sort of apprehensive mindset, then I will sail smoothly through DS106. Moreover, I hope that I still continue to create a substantial amount of DC’s per week.


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