Unit 5 : Visual Assignment Bank

I found this task really enjoyable as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create. I tried to challenge myself by using the device that randomly generates visual assignments for you. This made the task more interesting as I was given a point blank task and had to create my response to it. I must say, some of the tasks were extremely random and it did make me question how they have any relevance to storytelling, but it did make me think about the theory of ‘making is connecting’ and I can visualise how these tasks conform to this theory. By uploading these tasks to Flickr or other means of social networking, I am sharing different ideas (making) and allowing people to interpret my ideas and give their response on them (connecting). I finished this assignment by writing a blog post on my primary experience with the assignment bank and embedded the pieces I came up with for each task.

Below are the visual pieces that I created 🙂

9 lives‘9 Lives’

I enjoyed creating this task as not only was it fun to create a brief timeline of my life, it was also a good source of reflection on a personal level. It’s amazing to see how much I have changed over the last few years, and this assignment made me think on a very deep and emotional level. I believe that this piece effectively conveys the idea of digital storytelling as this is a media production that illustrates my life (story) in photographs, and it will be shared on social networking platforms. It’s nice to see what other DS106’ers’ interpretation of this task is.

change of emotion‘Change of Emotion’

I found this task really enjoyable as it perfectly describes the current story of my life! I used Photoshop to create this image and gravely sketched a cartoon version of me in two panels: the beginning of Semester A when everyone is Happy as Larry, with not a care in the world; compared with me mid-semester B, when the work is piling up and I’m fighting the will to live :).

‘Story in a Wordle’

This task was quite simple, but one of the several randomly generated tasks that I was assigned. Essentially, you visit the website ‘wordle.com’ and it provides you with a box where you can input words that mean something to you, and that wordleessentially provide a story. So my ‘Wordle’ piece mainly involves names of family members who mean a lot to me, in addition to University, friends and what I want to aspire in life. I feel that ‘Wordle’ is an effective means for storytelling as the simple presentation of words provides viewers with a brief insight about my personality and what is important to me.

post it note task‘Post it notes’

I found this task to be a really effective and creative way of telling a story. I chose to star my family in this task, as this is exactly what happens in my household. My Mother is the primary caregiver, who tends to do most, if not all of the shopping, cooking and cleaning. She tends to keep a notepad on the side of the kitchen counter, where she notes down to-do’s, groceries etc. My Mother and sister are trying a gluten-fee diet, which is the only food we seem to have in the house presently. My younger sister tends to rebel against this, as, being new to hormones she likes to have her chocolate! My Dad on the other hand, loves a good takeaway, and most nights if it has passed 8pm and my Mother isn’t home, he more often than not, requests a takeaway. The last post-it note provides a response to all food shopping/delivery requests : ‘NO’.

album cover‘Album Cover’

The last randomly generated task was to create a music album cover, using random sources provided for the name of the band and the name of the album cover. I had to open a link on Wikipedia and whatever the title of the link was, was the name of my band, which evidently was ‘Maven’. I then had to open this Flickr link that was provided for me, which would be the background image of my album, which happened to be a bird on a tree. Finally, I then had to open another link, and specifically scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the fourth quote from the end, which was ‘I never dared to be radical’. And here is my album cover. Not quite sure if it makes any sense whatsoever, but hey, some of the best music albums have the most random album covers!


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