Unit 5 : Photoblitzing

Photoblitzing was quite an enjoyable task as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create, in that it involved having to create something spontaneous in a short period of time. The task entailed having to take as many photos from the list as possible in 15 minutes. I gave it my best but unfortunately, the flat that I live in doesn’t provide me with the most interesting of resources, so I selected ones from the list that I knew I’d be able to capture, and managed to get 5 photos from the list. I enjoyed this task as different to the Daily Create, it put me under a timeframe to complete the task, so I felt more pressure. Needless to say this was assuringly a good thing, as I had to hone my creativity on the spot and deliver instant results. Below you can view the 5 photos I managed to take 🙂

1) ‘Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural’photoblitz 1

I kept a rose from a bouquet I received a couple of months ago, and as you can imagine, the rose has definitely lost its life over the last several weeks. It was night time when I began this task, and I was sitting in my room with my lamp on when the idea came to me. So I placed the dead rose in a vase and placed it in front of the lamp. This created a lot of dark shadows on the dimly lit rose, which I think makes the rose look more interesting, and perhaps quite supernatural.

2) ‘Take a photo of two things that do not belong together’

Pretty self explanatory really; chocolate and cheese do not go together. Although photoblitz 5THEY DO. This was the first thing that sprung to my mind when I approached this point of the task. Call me crazy, but I really do enjoy eating chocolate mixed with cheese. Luckily, I had both the ingredients in my kitchen, so giving the means of the time frame, I ran in and quickly assembled the two in ready for a photograph. And here it is, voilà!

3) ‘Take a photo dominated by a single colour’

Yesterday was my flatmates birthday, and we all bought her a big, bright pink photoblitz 3balloon and decorations. This task from the list was quite a simple one, so I took a picture of the balloon to depict a photo that is dominated by a single colour. What is great about this balloon, is that the different sources of light and reflection create different shades and textures of the colour pink. So this isn’t just a photo that is dominated by one shade of pink, it’s dominated by a variety of shades of pink.

4) ‘Take a photo that makes use of converging lines’photoblitz 4

To capture the idea of ‘converging lines’ in a photography piece, (considering the short period of time to complete this task) I fetched 5 pencils from my pencil case and placed them in a composition that resembles convergence.

5) Take another photo of a timepiece that shows the time you stopped. It should be fifteen minutes since step 1, right?

And this photo marks the end of the task. I finished this task 15 minutes after I photoblitz 2began; at 11.37pm. Seeing as I used my phone to time the task, I thought it would be effective to use it to show the exact time I stopped the task.

In reflection, I think I would have been able to capture more photos from the list if the time frame wasn’t there and I was able to go outside and spend time finding the appropriate photos. Although, it was clear that the fundamental aim of this task was to see what interesting photographic ideas you could generate under pressure.


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