Unit 4 : Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad : ‘How radio creates empathy’

I found this video to be an interesting watch as it made me realise how effective 9radio is. He explained how the absense of pictures is a lacking element, yet it’s effective as you can describe things through the tone and description in your voice, and it makes you imagine things. I also found that he made a lot of sense when he describes ‘co-authorship’ and the potential of empathy; you have to fill the gap of picturelessness. Following this, it really made me understand the immediacy and connection you can have with another person through radio – you have to co-imagine. He also inspired me a lot when he became so passionate about connecting through radio. He believes that with audio storytelling, people can put certain images and feelings in your mind and he knows you can connect with them. The human voice has so much information in it, and the vibrations of the voice; and the way it rises and falls in volume is perhaps the reason why radio never dies because our voices are the ‘engines of everything we do’.I really did enjoy listening to his concepts on why he believes radio is so powerful and that it will never die. It really made me start to think for myself why audio storytelling is so effective. I came into this unit with quite a closed mind because I don’t have much interest in the matter, but at this early on in the unit, I really started to find some interest in it.


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