Unit 3 Summary

Up to now, this has been my favourite unit of the DS106 course, and I feel that ifunit 3 pic every unit is as enjoyable as this one, then I should have no problem with progressing through this course with an enjoyable attitude. I think I approached this unit with a completely different attitude from the previous unit. I took into account my plan for this unit, and definitely embarked on these tasks with a more open mind and creative attitude. I also completed this unit a lot faster than the previous ones, which was good considering how much more time consuming this unit was to the others. From this one unit alone, I feel I learned so much about the concept of Digital Storytelling, and I loved how I could apply the things I ds1learned to the following assignments. In addition, I loved the variety of different tasks that were set in this unit. I feel that units 1 and 2 were easing you into the course, so the assignments were either quite limited or boring, so I really enjoyed that unit 3 consisted of a range of different, but equally interesting tasks.


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