Five Card Flickr Stories

5 card flickr FINALI decided to challenge myself and instead of creating my own 5 picture story, I have used the ‘general pool of photos’ option which randomly generates pictures, and then I have to tell the ‘story’. The screenshot above shows what the pool generated for me. So here it goes…


A tear rolls itself into her eye, overflows and drips down her damp cheek and falls down the side of the glass as she gulps the last bit of wine. She cries silently, and warms her puffy cheeks up by the fire. She looks down at her watch and swiftly makes her way to a row of raven cars.

Her tears fall to the ground and blend in with the rain. Her warn eyes watch the grave in front of her, a look in her eyes of wonder, wonder why life is so short for some. And what is the purpose of it, like the purpose of a fruit fly or a speckled yellow buttercup flowing in the wind.

Everything is black. A long black dress hangs at her ankles, while a black empty house sleeps at night. Even the street has now turned to black.

Although one life has ended, another always begins.


Summary : I’m quite pleased with the short story that I created from 5 randomly generated photos, although I must say it was tremendously challenging! I was provided with 5 completely different photos, so I did find it really difficult to form a story from them. However, the photo that sparked my inspiration was the second; the graveyard. Although somewhat depressing, I thought a short story about the funeral of a loved one could be generated from the surrounding images. For example, with the first picture, I decided to use the object of the wine glass to symbolise the characters coping mechanism with the loss of a loved one. This then  moved onto the graveyard image where she then arrived at the funeral and mourned. Following this, I then thought I could play on another symbolic attribute of the photo and compare a flower to the cycle of life. I then used the darkness of the following photo (the black street) to create a correlation between the black colours of a funeral with the darkness of the world (quite deep, I know! But really got into this assignment!). Finally, this photo was the hardest one to incorporate into my short story, but I managed to link it to new life. I played on the concept of ‘when one life ends, another begins’, and I thought it worked out rather ok.

On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this task as it really made me challenge my inner creativity. I had to create a story on the spot from completely random generated photos. I would like to say I’m not usually this dark when doing creative writing, but it’s the only narrative I thought could work with the pictures!


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