Summarise a Movie in Two Panels

I really enjoyed doing this task as I really enjoy watching films and found that this limitless panelsmethod is a really effective way of conveying the most crucial parts of a film. I chose to use the film ‘Limitless’ for this task. One thing I have discovered from a handful of tasks, is that DS106 do not actually tell you what platform to create your tasks on. I think this is a good thing, as it not only reinforces the idea of being creative, but it gets me thinking about what would be the best design platform to effectively depict my response to the task on. For this task, I chose to use Paint, although this wasn’t my desired software to use. Unfortunately, my Photoshop 30 day trial had expired on my laptop, so I was left with Paint! Although this software wasn’t my personal preference, I was pleased with the outcome of this piece – more with regards to the actual content as opposed to what design software I created it on. I think the photos I used were concise and effective in conveying the general plot of the film.


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