The Shape of Stories

I actually really enjoyed analysing Kurt Vonnegut’s overview of the shape of photo (9)stories, as it opened my mind to an entirely new theory of telling a story. In addition, I did see a lot of sense from it, and it helped me a lot with applying this concept to the following task. The next task was to analyse and evaluate a film or book based on the shapes of stories. From watching Kurt Vonnegut’s matildalecture and the films he used, I decided to choose a film too, and the first one that popped into my head was ‘Matilda’ – one of my favourite films from my childhood. I then drew a brief sketch illustrating what shape I believe the film ‘Matilda’ took, using Kurt Vonnegut’s concept. I really enjoyed this task as not only did I find Vonnegut’s theory really interesting and true to the point; but it was fun to apply his concept to a film that I’ve enjoyed, and it really got me thinking about the different ways of telling a story and what works well for storylines, and what doesn’t work so well.


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