Unit 2 Summary

I found Unit 2 a little more challenging than Bootcamp as it required a lot more screenshot 1
from me. Firstly, we were asked to customize our blogs. I read the different suggestive points in the section to spark some inspiration, and with that, I changed the theme of my blog to a, still pretty standard theme but personalised it to reflect my individual style. I then played around with addons and widgets, in addition to rearranging my side and menu bars. I decided to make a separate page for my Daily Creates, so I could separate them from my other blogposts. I decided to put the page on the top menu bar, so it will be easy for people to find my Daily Creates. I also think it might be beneficial if I mix them in with my blog feed, so that they show the order of when I created them more structurally. I then put an addon at the side, which shows my recent twitter and Flickr feed.

I then delved more into The Daily Create and decided to try more daily ones rather than weekly ones. This, I must say, I have improved on, however I am still struggling to complete a Daily Create on a daily basis. I think this is definitely something to work on in future units.

I then moved onto the GIF assignment, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I had never created a GIF before. I used quite an easy platform for making it, so in reflection, I believe I could’ve challenged myself more and chose a harder source to make it on.

Lastly, we had the personal cyberinfrastructure task which was definitely my least 5855706272_0d45a7a677_zfavourite task of the unit. In fact, this task was the reason why this unit took me a lot longer than Bootcamp because I was constantly delaying watching the hour long videos. However, I eventually bit the bullet; watched the videos and wrote a summary blogpost on the subject of Personal Cyberinfrastructure. In my honest opinion, I didn’t really enjoy this unit because I didn’t find the tasks to be all that stimulating, but I did put that down to it still being early on in the course.

Even though I didn’t enjoy this unit that much, I do think that the tasks; in particular, the GIF one enabled me to explore one type of digital storytelling platform.


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