Daily Create Task – ‘A Trip down Memory Lane’ (10/12/14)

If you haven’t already guessed from my previous posts, I’m a little Christmas obsessed, so I thought this task today would be well fitting with my obsession. The task was called ‘A trip down memory lane’ and required me to produce a picture of one of my

christmas daychildhood favourite occasions. Therefore, I produced a picture of what I consider myself, and what the Christmas season was like for me. I think this image perfectly describes how I was as a child around Christmas time; I would sleep with all my toys cuddled around me, after carefully laying out milk and cookies for Santa. Then, at night I would take ages to fall asleep; wondering if he had made his trip to my house yet. Then, in the morning, I’d go downstairs to find loads of presents under our tree – and then spend most of the day playing with them. If you also haven’t noticed by now, I enjoy applying a real ‘sketchy’/vintage theme to most of the artistic Daily Create tasks, so I used Paint to achieve this look.


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