Daily Create Task – ‘I feel like a…’ (01/12/14)

I haven’t produced a Daily Create for a while, so I decided to pick one at random. I’m in a kind of doodling mood today, so I decided to choose task ‘tdc1001′ as it basically entails a 2 minute doodling session of how you’re feeling. I looked at what others had posted in search for a little bit of inspiration, and many said they felt ‘tired’ or ‘lazy’ etc. Instead of doodling what I feel like, I decided to doodle how I feel. I came up with this…

daily create 2
A little childish perhaps? Well, I spent ages thinking about deep and meaningful feelings I have inside me, but then thought, hold on, this task didn’t have to consist of exploring your inner feelings and look ‘deep into your soul’ and so on. It’s simply a 2 minute doodling task! So I simply sat there and thought…how am I feeling right now? I just so happened to be looking at my flat’s Christmas tree, and there it was; I feel christmassy! So I decided to draw a 2 minute doodle on Paint to express my Christmas cheer.


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