Unit 2 – ‘Say it like Peanut Butter’

This GIF is made from the film ‘Vanilla Sky’. If you ask me my favourite film is, I find it so hard to come up with just one. So I thought I’d make a GIF of my most recently watched favourite film. I watched this film in late August this year, and absolutely loved it. In fact, I can’t believe I had never watched it sooner. I chose to create the GIF using the final scene of the film – as it is essentially the climax of the film. It is where David is given the two options of either to be reinserted into the corrected lucid dream, or to wake up by taking a literal leap of faith off the roof.
To create a GIF from this scene, I found the final scene on YouTube, and found a pretty straightforward website: www.makeagif.com. I then adjusted the time I wanted the GIF to start, to how long I wanted the GIF to play for. I settled for 5 seconds, as I feel it is enough time to reveal what choice he chose and essentially, why he chose it. I’m quite pleased with it. I know I used quite an easy platform for GIF making, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? I’m sure I’ll try a more challenging GIF making software in the near future.


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