Daily Create Task – Illustrate a Randomly Generated Sentence (29/11/14)

I’m embarking upon Unit 2 of the DS106 course and I thought I’d change my approach to the Daily Create – just to mix it up a little bit! I decided to pick a task at random today, instead of my usual linear ‘stick to the right day’ approach. I chose to go with the task of ‘illustrate a randomly generated sentence’, which to my surprise, was actually quite challenging! The sentences served up by the generator are definitely random and are quite difficult to illustrate without resorting to either abstractness or surrealism.

So the sentence that was generated for me was ‘Around a model prosecutes any imperfect weasel.’ Initially, I struggled with this, because this sentence made more or less no sense whatsoever to me. Before long, after a little while brainstorming, this is what I came up with…

On reflection, I do like the outcome of this Daily Create, although if I could go back and edit it, I would probably tweak a few things. I probably would’vedaily create unit 2made the text on the models body a little more subtle, but hey, once you click save and exit on ‘paint’ there’s no turning back.
Essentially, I found a picture of a model and used it as the fundamental aspect of the piece. When I read this sentence a few times over, I came up with the idea that maybe the noun ‘weasel’ could be the ‘paparazzi’ of a model’s life – in that you can’t really trust them because they are reprimanded for their lack of staying true to the facts. And to convey this, I used a photo of a camera and repeated it to represent the never-ending amount of paparazzi.
When all these aspects were put together in the ‘paint’ document, it had a rather indie/vintage poster kind of look to it. With maybe a bit more tweaking and professionalism added to it, I could potentially see it as some sort of poster/advert for raising awareness of the disadvantages that come with fame?


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