Daily Create Task – Emoji for Everyone (29/11/14)

Today’s Daily Create task was to create 5 of your own personalised emoji’s reflecting the expressions: ‘kiss’, ‘wink’, ‘smile’, ‘love’ and ’embarrassed’. Before I begin, please can I apologise for my misspelling of the word ’embarrassed’ on my photo.

I thought this was a good ‘on-the-go’ Daily Create task as I logged into DS106 on my phone, quickly sketched out my emoji’s, and then uploaded the finished piece. Therefore, it didn’t really give me much time to think, which I like as I’m put on the spot, and I like to see whatphoto (8) spur of the moment things I can come up with!  So here are my 5 emoji’s. Essentially, I wanted to make them personal to me, so I decided that my emoji character would be me, or, something that looks relatively like me. So I created a blonde haired character, and drew what facial expressions I pull when I am feeling these 5 emotions. I also used an equitable amount of inspiration from the emoji application itself. Take the ‘kiss face’ emoji for example; I liked the little kiss emojiheart next to his mouth so I applied the same thing to my emoji, only giving myself proper lips and eyelashes to make it look more like a girl. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the Daily Create section of the DS106 course, as I feel that it enables us to engage ourselves with our creative and artistic side, as opposed to solely focusing on the theory side of social media. Nevertheless, I do feel the Daily Create does touch greatly on the theme of social media, as we share our Daily Creates on various social media platforms such as Flickr, Soundcloud and Twitter, which in effect, helps us to exert influence on other people’s work, in addition to finding inspiration from others ourselves.


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