Daily Create – Caption an Unsplash Photo (24/11/14)

So the daily create task today is to ‘caption an Unsplash Photo’. Essentially, the task is to pick one of the domain photos provided, and caption it with some DS106 ‘words of wisdom’. I think my approach to the daily create tasks is to simply just respond to the daily create task that is set on the day I happen to want to do one! I think it encourages me to exhibit more of my spontaneous and creative side without thinking or planning to much about what I’m going to create. I was quite pleased with today’s daily create task as I feel that, even though the photos are not mine; I can personalise one through finding a quote that relates to me and make a comparative art piece.

Here is my response to today’s daily create task. Firstly, I chose this photo from the domain stream as above all, dandelions are one of my favourite flowers and secondly – I feel that nature coheres very closely with inspiration, and you need inspiration to create ideas and stand out in the DS106 course. Just to support my point further, I’m going to use Leonardo Da Vinci as an example. Nature played a significant attribute in influencing his decisions to study anatomy because he was immensely curious and wanted to know how nature worked.  It was through this that he made many discoveries, for instance he saw a similarity in the way the water would move in a stream as it did in the veins, and so on.
I also feel that nature lies closely with art. Take the mimesis theory for example;  art mimics nature. Humans are inspired from the outside from what they sense and they copy it albeit it may be transmuted or recombined. And one thing I have learned so far in unit 1, is that art lies very closely with media, and that we also do use the inspiration of things around us; possibly recycle ideas to create our own work. So I believe this to be an effective daily create response as I wanted to combine nature with art, and then combine the two with the DS106 course. Hope you all like it!

Daily create


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