Unit 1 Daily Create – A 3.30 SketchQuote for Amy (22/11/14)

I really enjoyed creating today’s Daily Create task as it gave me the opportunity to re-engage with my artistic side. I studied Art A-level, which now, was nearly 3 years ago – and I regretfully, haven’t really continued with it since. So I thoroughly liked being able to release my inner artistic senses in a inspirational piece regarding ‘Art’. Here is what I came up with…

art is
ssentially, I researched and found some inspirational quotes regarding the subject matter ‘Art’; picked my favourite one; and then thought about how I could present it, in addition to what medium I would use to present it on. Following this, I then decided that I didn’t want to spend a vast amount of time on this small task, so I thought paint would be the easiest and quickest software to use. I then thought it might be quite creative to use different fonts and decorate them further in Paint. I used the website ‘www.dafont.com’ to select some fonts that I thought would reflect the style I was going for. My intended style was to create a vintage-kind of look – because for me personally, it was the style I directly thought of when I read the quote. I am pleased with the outcome of this Daily Create as I was able to create quite an appeasing ‘poster’ (of some sort) through using minimal artistic tools.


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