Welcome to my blog!

Hello world,

I’m writing this post to mark my official start to blogging in year 2 Media Production! I’m just going to assume that not many people read my blog from year 1, so I’ll introduce myself again so that my readers (if I am to get any!) will have a general idea of who I am and what I want to achieve. Firstly, I am a 20 year old student from Enfield, North London who currently resides in Leicester to study year 2 Media Production. I do have a rough idea of what I want to do for a career when I’m older. I’ve always been passionate about art; predominantly drawing and designing , and I’ve invariably had a keen interest in web and graphics. So one day, I hope to establish my own web and graphic design business. As of right now though, I’m just a regular student, trying to scramble enough together to eat for the week! At De Montfort University, I study 4 modules within the Media Production degree. Our two compulsory modules of study are Television Production and Video and Imaging Techniques. I do enjoy both modules a great deal, but I do have my preference out of the two. I think Video and Imaging techniques is more gratifying for me as it gives me a chance to apply my creativity, something I do consider myself to have abundance of. The other two modules were chosen by myself; Multimedia 2 and of course; this amazing module: Social Media Production! Out of all 4 modules, Multimedia does cohere with what I want to do in the future the most, as I am able to explore both web and graphic elements in one module. Nevertheless, I LOVE Social Media too, as it is a significant part of our lives, as we are constantly consumed by all areas of media. To summarise my thoughts on year two so far; I’m enjoying it more than first year, as through choosing modules that evoke my best work and passions, I am able to channel my creativity and motivation better than I did last year.

Essentially, this blog will mainly act as my Social Media year 2 journal, where I will delve into the phenomenon of social media; but I do also want to use this space as a creative outlet for myself, and if anyone takes interest in it, then brilliant! As for now though, I’ll finish the post here, as I’m sure I’ve rambled on a bit! But I hope this post gave you a general idea of who I am as, not only a Media Production student, but a person. Thanks for reading!


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