Unit 6 Summary

Overall, I really enjoyed unit 6 of DS106 as I feel I thrived in particular tasks due DigstoryProcessto my passion for Art and Design. Together with unit 5, I feel they have definitely been the most enjoyable segments of DS106. Not only due to the content, but fundamentally the growth in knowledge and understanding of digital storytelling. I feel that units 1-4 provided the elemental grounds of DS, as I realised that I had definitely improved on my comprehension of the concept after unit 5. I feel that units 5 and 6 provided me with a lot of extensive insight that I will take with me and apply it to work-related tasks in the future.

I’m quite pleased with my time management in the last two units, and I feel that this is definitely due to my enjoyment for the units. I feel that I have definitely improved with reaching the targets I set within each unit on time and I hope that I continue to apply this motivation to DS106 as well as work outside of the DS106 course also.


Daily Create Task : Begin to Face a Fear Today! (19/04/15)

So this task officially marks the end of Daily Creating in DS106! 😦 I thought I’d photo (2)finish the Daily Creates section by selecting the task of today, which is ‘Begin to Face a Fear Today’. Essentially, you were asked to sketch an image of something that scares you. I was going to sketch bananas and wasps, but I decided to sketch something that could also probably help me this month? I’ve sketched a calender of how much work I have to do this month, and this, scares me.

I would also like to finish this unit by saying how much I have enjoyed the Daily Create. I see myself as quite a creative person, so I’ve had some real fun completing the variety of different tasks the DC set. The main thing I like about the Daily Create is that you can literally do one anywhere and at any time. And there is a task for every situation; if you’re in a rush and only have about 10 minutes to spare, you could create a quick sketch task. Or if you have more time on your hands, you can select a task that you can devote some time to and really exhibit your creativity. It really raises the point that you can complete a DC a day. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t create one everyday, which is unfortunate, but I did create at least two a week and I’m really pleased with some of the creative ideas that I generated and illustrated in the tasks.

Unit 6 : Re-designing Posters

This assignment involved re-editing existing content to change meaning orvisually represent an idea.To create these tasks, I used Photoshop to edit existing images. I particularly enjoyed the ‘DS106 Propaganda Posters’ task as I found changing the media of Propaganda within WW1 to propaganda for DS106 very interestingly challenging and enjoyable.

DS106 propaganda task

Unit 6 : Design Assignments

Similarly to unit 5, the first formal assignment was to explore the assignment bank further. For this assignment, I decided to not use the generator to randomly select tasks for me, and actually pick ones that I feel that would be most interesting to me. I found that there was a lot more variety of tasks to choose from, so I dedicating a lot of time when creating them. I think I may have possibly preferred these assignment bank tasks to the ones in unit 5 as these coincided more with design, which is something I could potentially see myself doing in the future. Because of this, I personally feel that doing these tasks were very beneficial for me. In reflection, if I could redo these tasks, I feel that I could’ve possibly dedicated even more time than I had already so that I could truly thrive in each task.

Unit 6 : Ira Glass on ‘The secret of success in creative work’

To commence this unit, I watched a short video clip ‘Ira Glass on the secret of success in creative work’. This was a good video to begin this unit with, as it gave me a general outline of what design in storytelling is. This video involved kinetic typography, so that essentially, the narration, sound and motion combined to express ideas in the form of animation. This made me think about a film that I had previously studied, which was in fact the first noted film to have involved kinetic typography; Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’. It’s fascinating to see how far this technique dates back to. It then really got me thinking about the effects of kinetic typography within storytelling. I can see how this technique links in with it as the text almost flows with the tone/expression of the narrators voice which in effect, evokes empathy.

Unit 5 Summary

This unit has definitely been my preferred one out of the whole of DS106 so far. It artdefinitely challenged me, as I noticed that this unit was the most time consuming out of the 5 units; especially due to the assignment bank. Nonetheless, because I thoroughly enjoyed each task of unit 5, it didn’t feel so time consuming to me. Art is something I have always had a huge interest for, so it was really enjoyable being able to produce pieces that reflect my passion. In addition, I have always had an extensive interest for photojournalism, so even tasks such as ‘stories behind photos’ was really relishing. Considering that this unit was by far the most time consuming, I didn’t find myself struggling as much as I did in the previous units. In fact, I believe I completed this unit very promptly, and I feel the reason for this is due to how much I enjoyed the unit.

Presently within DS106, I feel I am really engaging with the concept of digital storytelling. I’m starting to realise how effective digital storytelling is in society today. It brings me back to the notion of ‘making is connecting’ and I truly believe that DS106 conforms to this as all aspects of each unit comprise of digital media work that allow everyday people to share aspects of their life stories. I’m excited to see what unit 6 entails.

Within the following units I hope to take the same approach I did with unit 5. I’m realising if I embark on each unit with a positive and open mind, rather than a sort of apprehensive mindset, then I will sail smoothly through DS106. Moreover, I hope that I still continue to create a substantial amount of DC’s per week.

Unit 5 : Visual Assignment Bank

I found this task really enjoyable as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create. I tried to challenge myself by using the device that randomly generates visual assignments for you. This made the task more interesting as I was given a point blank task and had to create my response to it. I must say, some of the tasks were extremely random and it did make me question how they have any relevance to storytelling, but it did make me think about the theory of ‘making is connecting’ and I can visualise how these tasks conform to this theory. By uploading these tasks to Flickr or other means of social networking, I am sharing different ideas (making) and allowing people to interpret my ideas and give their response on them (connecting). I finished this assignment by writing a blog post on my primary experience with the assignment bank and embedded the pieces I came up with for each task.

Below are the visual pieces that I created 🙂

9 lives‘9 Lives’

I enjoyed creating this task as not only was it fun to create a brief timeline of my life, it was also a good source of reflection on a personal level. It’s amazing to see how much I have changed over the last few years, and this assignment made me think on a very deep and emotional level. I believe that this piece effectively conveys the idea of digital storytelling as this is a media production that illustrates my life (story) in photographs, and it will be shared on social networking platforms. It’s nice to see what other DS106’ers’ interpretation of this task is.

change of emotion‘Change of Emotion’

I found this task really enjoyable as it perfectly describes the current story of my life! I used Photoshop to create this image and gravely sketched a cartoon version of me in two panels: the beginning of Semester A when everyone is Happy as Larry, with not a care in the world; compared with me mid-semester B, when the work is piling up and I’m fighting the will to live :).

‘Story in a Wordle’

This task was quite simple, but one of the several randomly generated tasks that I was assigned. Essentially, you visit the website ‘wordle.com’ and it provides you with a box where you can input words that mean something to you, and that wordleessentially provide a story. So my ‘Wordle’ piece mainly involves names of family members who mean a lot to me, in addition to University, friends and what I want to aspire in life. I feel that ‘Wordle’ is an effective means for storytelling as the simple presentation of words provides viewers with a brief insight about my personality and what is important to me.

post it note task‘Post it notes’

I found this task to be a really effective and creative way of telling a story. I chose to star my family in this task, as this is exactly what happens in my household. My Mother is the primary caregiver, who tends to do most, if not all of the shopping, cooking and cleaning. She tends to keep a notepad on the side of the kitchen counter, where she notes down to-do’s, groceries etc. My Mother and sister are trying a gluten-fee diet, which is the only food we seem to have in the house presently. My younger sister tends to rebel against this, as, being new to hormones she likes to have her chocolate! My Dad on the other hand, loves a good takeaway, and most nights if it has passed 8pm and my Mother isn’t home, he more often than not, requests a takeaway. The last post-it note provides a response to all food shopping/delivery requests : ‘NO’.

album cover‘Album Cover’

The last randomly generated task was to create a music album cover, using random sources provided for the name of the band and the name of the album cover. I had to open a link on Wikipedia and whatever the title of the link was, was the name of my band, which evidently was ‘Maven’. I then had to open this Flickr link that was provided for me, which would be the background image of my album, which happened to be a bird on a tree. Finally, I then had to open another link, and specifically scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the fourth quote from the end, which was ‘I never dared to be radical’. And here is my album cover. Not quite sure if it makes any sense whatsoever, but hey, some of the best music albums have the most random album covers!

Daily Create Task – ‘Flaws in the Urban Landscape’ (08/04/15)

I’ve found that I’m struggling to create at least 5 Daily Create tasks a week,

Cultureand I definitely feel this has to change. SO, today marks the beginning of creating a Daily Create task, EVERYDAY from now. Therefore, today I am sharing two photos that I believe represent the concept of thishousetoday’s task. A couple of years ago, I visited the country Montenegro, and was totally blown away by the beautiful amount of urban decay surrounding me. I brought my camera around with me everyday of the trip, and captured so many different photographs of deteriorating buildings that were engorged with rotting nature. I used a lot of the photos that I captured for my Photography project, however to this day it still saddens me that I have never used them for anything else since. So I’m pleased to include these two photos to represent the Daily Create task.

Unit 5 : Photoblitzing

Photoblitzing was quite an enjoyable task as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create, in that it involved having to create something spontaneous in a short period of time. The task entailed having to take as many photos from the list as possible in 15 minutes. I gave it my best but unfortunately, the flat that I live in doesn’t provide me with the most interesting of resources, so I selected ones from the list that I knew I’d be able to capture, and managed to get 5 photos from the list. I enjoyed this task as different to the Daily Create, it put me under a timeframe to complete the task, so I felt more pressure. Needless to say this was assuringly a good thing, as I had to hone my creativity on the spot and deliver instant results. Below you can view the 5 photos I managed to take 🙂

1) ‘Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural’photoblitz 1

I kept a rose from a bouquet I received a couple of months ago, and as you can imagine, the rose has definitely lost its life over the last several weeks. It was night time when I began this task, and I was sitting in my room with my lamp on when the idea came to me. So I placed the dead rose in a vase and placed it in front of the lamp. This created a lot of dark shadows on the dimly lit rose, which I think makes the rose look more interesting, and perhaps quite supernatural.

2) ‘Take a photo of two things that do not belong together’

Pretty self explanatory really; chocolate and cheese do not go together. Although photoblitz 5THEY DO. This was the first thing that sprung to my mind when I approached this point of the task. Call me crazy, but I really do enjoy eating chocolate mixed with cheese. Luckily, I had both the ingredients in my kitchen, so giving the means of the time frame, I ran in and quickly assembled the two in ready for a photograph. And here it is, voilà!

3) ‘Take a photo dominated by a single colour’

Yesterday was my flatmates birthday, and we all bought her a big, bright pink photoblitz 3balloon and decorations. This task from the list was quite a simple one, so I took a picture of the balloon to depict a photo that is dominated by a single colour. What is great about this balloon, is that the different sources of light and reflection create different shades and textures of the colour pink. So this isn’t just a photo that is dominated by one shade of pink, it’s dominated by a variety of shades of pink.

4) ‘Take a photo that makes use of converging lines’photoblitz 4

To capture the idea of ‘converging lines’ in a photography piece, (considering the short period of time to complete this task) I fetched 5 pencils from my pencil case and placed them in a composition that resembles convergence.

5) Take another photo of a timepiece that shows the time you stopped. It should be fifteen minutes since step 1, right?

And this photo marks the end of the task. I finished this task 15 minutes after I photoblitz 2began; at 11.37pm. Seeing as I used my phone to time the task, I thought it would be effective to use it to show the exact time I stopped the task.

In reflection, I think I would have been able to capture more photos from the list if the time frame wasn’t there and I was able to go outside and spend time finding the appropriate photos. Although, it was clear that the fundamental aim of this task was to see what interesting photographic ideas you could generate under pressure.